Industry-leading expertise

We offer access to leading experts both within Brain Research Center and through our external network. They are available for flexible deployment in the process of developing new medicines.

Experience counts

Brain Research Center consultancy offers advice on the design, implementation, and supervision of clinical trials. Brain Research Center also offers access to the international knowledge network in the field of neurology and geriatrics. Our consultants have years of experience in high-quality academic clinical care and research and know what it takes to make your projects a success.

Full service

Brain Research Center advises on the design of your study, writing the study protocol, including defining effective study endpoints and determining appropriate inclusion and exclusion criteria. The effective design of our trials facilitates rapid recruitment and data collection. In addition, our experience helps with rapid approval for new trials. Our consultants can serve on clinical advisory boards, DSMBs, and meetings with the EMA and FDA. They also provide support for business development activities.

Various disease areas

Brain Research Center has extensive experience in Alzheimer’s research but also supports trials in Parkinson’s and cluster headaches.

Worldwide support

Regular coordination with relevant experts enables Brain Research Center to develop high-quality trials for partners from all over the world. Our location in the Netherlands offers an infrastructure that makes it possible to cooperate well with pharmaceutical companies and biotechs from all over the world.

Niels Prins

Director and neurologist

Collaboration is key

At Brain Research Center we believe that through collaboration we can find solutions faster to get rid of brain diseases.

Let us know how we can help you

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