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Take part in one of our studies at our offices in Amsterdam, Den Bosch, and Zwolle.

Free the world from brain diseases

At Brain Research Center we actively research drugs against brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

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For healthcare professionals: sign up your patient for suitable drug research

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Background information on Alzheimer’s.


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Brain Research Center

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Brain Research Center at a glance

Specialised Team

Doctors, Nurses, and Neuropsychologists

Homely atmosphere

Our employees will make you feel at home at Brain Research Center.

Tailor-made treatment

Focused on your wishes, needs and clinical picture.

International network

Brain Research Center is in contact with developers of innovative medicines from all over the world.

Our partners

We cannot do research into new drugs against Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases alone. Our partners play an important role in this.

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