About us

Brain Research Center is a leading full-service expert in the area of clinical drug research and is the connection between patients, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and medical specialists for finding breakthrough treatments against brain diseases.

Our story

Brain Research Center was founded in 2009 by the Amsterdam UMC. We believe that we can and will conquer brain diseases. We do this by being the connecting link between patients, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and medical professionals in finding groundbreaking treatments for brain diseases. Because we cannot defeat brain diseases alone, we do it together.

Our goal is to have made a demonstrable contribution by 2035 to the registration of new medicines for Alzheimer’s, other forms of dementia and Parkinson’s.

Mission and values

Brain Research Center’s mission is to free the world from brain diseases. We do this by working together with all stakeholders. We stand for respect, cooperation, reliability, innovation and perseverance.

Our team

Our team of passionate specialists at Brain Research Center in Amsterdam, Den Bosch and Zwolle conducts research into new drugs against Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases. We do this together with our participants.


Are you motivated to eradicate brain diseases, just like us? You can apply while our vacancies are online, so take a look at which position best suits you and apply!


At Brain Research Center, quality is very important to us. That is why we comply with the so-called ISO9001 standard. This is an internationally recognized standard in the field of quality. By complying with this standard, Brain Research Center ensures continuous quality improvement so that we can better meet the needs of our participants and clients. This means that annual audits are done by an independent party that determines whether Brain Research Center meets the requirements for certification.

Our partners

We cannot conduct research on new drugs against Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases alone. Our partners play an important role in this, and we have had a very good and reliable cooperation with them for many years.